Collection " Serpent "

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Collection: "Serpent"
Style: Embroidery on hand crafted felt
Fabric on the back: Hand dyed cotton velvet
Insert: Cotton pillowcase with down & feather filling
Sizes: 43 / 120 cm ; 30 / 60 cm ; 55 / 55 cm
Price: $ 530 ; 230 ; 345

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Within the Stave Churches

This collection is inspired by the exquisite wood-carved panels which adorned the gateways and interiors of Stave churches throughout Scandinavia in the early middle ages. Despite celebrating Christianity, the designs are inherently pagan. The decorative elements often take the form of intertwining dragons, serpents and tendrils.  The serpent collection celebrates the permanence of this powerful artistic symbolism which withstands the change of time, religion and social structure.

Accent Pillow Serpent regal rose

 Colorway:  “Regal Rose”

Accent Pillow Serpent golden thread

  Colorway:  “Golden Thread”

Accent Pillow Serpent Blue Ice

 Colorway:  “Blue Ice”

Accent Pillow Serpent camel

 Colorway:  “Camel”

Accent Pillow Serpent very peri


Colorway:  “Very Peri”

Accent Pillow Serpent sage iris


Colorway:  “Sage iris”

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